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Announcing New Partnership with Brooklyn Kura!!


Joining Together to Take Sake to the World
We have entered into a long-term partnership with Brooklyn Kura of NY, USA.

Hakkaisan Brewery Co, Ltd. (President Jiro Nagumo, Minamiuonuma, Niigata Pref.) established Hakkaisan Brewery USA Co., Ltd. (New York, NY USA), and Hakkaisan Brewery USA Co., Ltd. has begun a business and capital partnership with Gotham Sake LLC. (New York, NY USA, brand: Brooklyn Kura).

The Hakkaisan Group has been producing and selling “Hakkaisan”, the leading brand of sake, beverages such as shochu, plum sake, craft beer, koji amazake, as well as business related to “rice, koji, fermentation, and Uonuma” which are products rooted in the Uonuma area of Niigata, Japan. Brooklyn Kura in Brooklyn, NY was established as New York State’s first sake brewery and opened their production site and taproom in Industry City, Brooklyn to produce and sell local, craft sake. We have entered a long-term business partnership because we share the same values: a passion for brewing sake, an attitude of business development rooted in the local region, and a goal of expanding sake to a global market.

The Hakkaisan Group has always wished for sake to become a standard choice in the alcohol market globally. And for sake to be an internationally recognized drink, it needs to be locally produced with local water and rice as an everyday drink and enjoyed by locals just as they do with wine, whisky and beer. Maintaining and constantly improving the quality are also important.

For sake to attain global recognition and expand its presence, we would like to leverage our experiences and knowledge along with Brooklyn Kura’s innovative ideas, to accelerate both companies’ growth. First, we would like to start sharing sake brewing skills which are accumulated through our experiences, and exchange ideas. In the future, not only sake, but also craft beer, distilled alcohol, and fermented food products will be developed and produced collaboratively along with opening new sales channels. By sharing our skills in different areas, and combining our strengths, we would like to create new value for U.S. consumers.

About Brooklyn Kura

Name:                 Gotham Sake, LLC.
Brand:                 Brooklyn Kura
Address:             68 34th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232
Founders:           Brian Polen (Co-Founder and President)                                                                                                     Brandon Doughan (Co-Founder and Head brewer)
Business:            Production and sell of Sake
Established:        January 5, 2016
Employees:        7 (including part-time)
Brewing in:        Brooklyn, NY US

Main Contents of Collaboration 

  • Enhance educational activities on sake production and fermentation processes
  • Expansion of production and sales of sake, improving of quality of sake, and business expansion in the United States
  • Establishment of sales division and development of sales channels for both brands
  • Collaborative development of sake, craft beer, distilled alcohol, fermented food products, and other products.


Hakkaisan Group PR
Hakkaisan Co., PR Department – Kozue Hamasaki
For English – International Marketing Department – Shinsuke Sasagawa / Shoko Baba
4-5-9 Tsukiji, Tsukiji Yasuda Daini Building, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Email: Phone: 03-6264- 3366

The season of sake is here!!

When the air gets cold, it is the season of sake drinking. Winter is especially a good season to enjoy sake. It warms your body and melt your heart with its deliciousness. Food pairing with winter foods are superb!!

Introducing our winter season sake “Echigo de Soro – blue label”. This is fresh, not pasturized, and genshu sake. Wonderfuly refreshing and savory. Only in the winter time.

Enjoy with Oden and hot pot!



Grand Opening Annuncement of Niseko Distillery


  • The distillery tour by reservation
  • The tasting bar
  • The select shop carries a wide variety of premium sake, beer and spirits, beautiful Japanese crafts, and more

As of our countermeasure for COVID-19, we ask all visitors to make a reservation (the tour reservation is using the same reservation system) to enter the facility.


  • A reservation can be made from two weeks prior to your visit date. Start to take reservation from September 17th.
  • There is no cancellation fee, but our distillery tour is only by reservation for small number of guests.

Thank you for your understanding and corporation for us to accommodate as many guests as possible.


Introducing new Hakkaisan US Website

http://www.hakkaisanusa.comWe are on live with new Hakkaisan website for US consumers!
Not only to get to know about Hakkaisan and its products, there is a map and link to leads to purchase.
Also, there are nice videos about each sake and Hakkaisan by brand ambassador and Sake Samurai, Timothy Sullivan.
We assure that you want to grab a bottle of Hakkaisan to have cool refreshing sake in summer evening after watching couple of videos.


Bit by a Fox Podcast – Sake with Timothy Sullivan

“Sake may be known as a Japanese rice wine but the process of making the stuff is closer to beer making, and it may be one of the most versatile drinks to have with food. Tim Sullivan, this week’s guest, is an unlikely expert and educator of sake, but after devoting the last decade to sake, and learning the craft of sake brewing in Japan, Tim is now one of the top sake experts in the US, a national sake educator, and a Global Brand Ambassador of Hakkaisan Sake Brewery based in Niigata, Japan.”

Its a good audio to enjoy in the late summer breez with Clear Sparkling Sake AWA with nice plate of Charcutrie.


SXSW 2020 Vote for TIM!!

Hello Hakkaisan and Sale Lovers,
Our brand ambassador Timothy Sullivan was given a chance to host the conference at SXSW 2020!!
He will be lecturing the amazing world of Sake and Hakkaisan! So exciting!
For him to do so, we need your votes.

Please take a moment to jump to the link below and vote for TIM!

Thank you so much for your love and support!


Food and Wine Classic Aspen 2019

Hakkaisan is coming to Food and Wine Classic Apsen again this year!!
It is one of the biggest food and wine show in North America.
Fine wine makers, fine food makers, fine spirits makers, and luxurious food related makers from all over the world gethered to show their finenst products.
The event will be held in June 14 to 16, 2019 at Aspen Colorado.
Beautiful mountains and beautiful food and wine…ahhh its a heaven on earth.
We hope to see you all there!!



London Craft Week: May 10-11, 2019

Hakkaisan poured SAKE at London Craft Week on May 10-11, 2019.

LONDON CRAFT WEEK is an annual event to showcases craftsmanships of furniture, jewellery, perfume, painting, art objects are displayed at famous studios, galleries, and luxury brand shops through out London.
This year, Hakkaisan was invited and showcased some of our finest sake at beautiful Japan House London.
It was a wonderful opportunity for Hakkaisan to introduce high quality sake to London locals.

London locals loved our Tokubetsu Honjozo and Ginjo!!


Season of Cherry Blossoms

Sakura, cherry flower, is a national flower of Japan.

In Japanese culture Sakura represent hello and good-bye because the year ends in March and starts in April. Sakura blossoming season is cerebration of new starts.

Also, its the time for HANAMI, to watch the flower, which people gather around the sakura trees to enjoy spring. Fresh air and delicious Hakkaisan drinks are wonderful match in this nice spring days. Kanpai!

A Happy New Year from HAKKAISAN!!

I hope everyone had joyful and relaxing holiday. In Hakkaisan, we started our new year with the open sake barrel ceremony. This is a traditional ceremony to cerebrate the new starts. We see sake in barrel as a clear mirror to show the bright future, and see the lids of barrel split open like in Japanese Kanji ”八 – number 8 -” shape which spreads widely in bottom that means ”prosperity”.

Sake was served to people who are making first visitation of the year to “Meiji Jingu 明治神宮” a shrine in Tokyo with the wood cups. Cerebrating with good sake on the way or after renewing the new year’s resolutions before god is a nice way to starts the new year!

Hakkaisan wishes clear bright future and prosperity to all!!

In 2019, we continue to work hard to brew good quality sake, and bring them to you with love and happiness.


Tokyo Kabuki Theater is decorated with Hakkaisan sake barrels.