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Food and Wine Classic Aspen 2019

Hakkaisan is coming to Food and Wine Classic Apsen again this year!!
It is one of the biggest food and wine show in North America.
Fine wine makers, fine food makers, fine spirits makers, and luxurious food related makers from all over the world gethered to show their finenst products.
The event will be held in June 14 to 16, 2019 at Aspen Colorado.
Beautiful mountains and beautiful food and wine…ahhh its a heaven on earth.
We hope to see you all there!!



London Craft Week: May 10-11, 2019

Hakkaisan poured SAKE at London Craft Week on May 10-11, 2019.

LONDON CRAFT WEEK is an annual event to showcases craftsmanships of furniture, jewellery, perfume, painting, art objects are displayed at famous studios, galleries, and luxury brand shops through out London.
This year, Hakkaisan was invited and showcased some of our finest sake at beautiful Japan House London.
It was a wonderful opportunity for Hakkaisan to introduce high quality sake to London locals.

London locals loved our Tokubetsu Honjozo and Ginjo!!


Season of Cherry Blossoms

Sakura, cherry flower, is a national flower of Japan.

In Japanese culture Sakura represent hello and good-bye because the year ends in March and starts in April. Sakura blossoming season is cerebration of new starts.

Also, its the time for HANAMI, to watch the flower, which people gather around the sakura trees to enjoy spring. Fresh air and delicious Hakkaisan drinks are wonderful match in this nice spring days. Kanpai!

A Happy New Year from HAKKAISAN!!

I hope everyone had joyful and relaxing holiday. In Hakkaisan, we started our new year with the open sake barrel ceremony. This is a traditional ceremony to cerebrate the new starts. We see sake in barrel as a clear mirror to show the bright future, and see the lids of barrel split open like in Japanese Kanji ”八 – number 8 -” shape which spreads widely in bottom that means ”prosperity”.

Sake was served to people who are making first visitation of the year to “Meiji Jingu 明治神宮” a shrine in Tokyo with the wood cups. Cerebrating with good sake on the way or after renewing the new year’s resolutions before god is a nice way to starts the new year!

Hakkaisan wishes clear bright future and prosperity to all!!

In 2019, we continue to work hard to brew good quality sake, and bring them to you with love and happiness.


Tokyo Kabuki Theater is decorated with Hakkaisan sake barrels.

Echigo de Soro – Limited Red Label

Echigo de Soro – Red Label was just released on December 3, 2018.
Limited Sake, ONLY bottled in December.
What is around is only ones out there this year, so go find and get it!
This unpasteurized Junmai Ginjo is fresh, vibrant, and umami forward.
Perfect for special gathering in this holiday season.




The time comes this year again. The special time to brew special Hakkaisan sake. Every year we put all of our spirit and soul to create this sake.  This is our foundation, the foundation for everything that we do. This is the sake that we stand. This is the sake experience. This is HAKKAISAN.

Come and Enjoy New Beer Brewery!

Our new beer brewery, Sarukurayama Brewery, is opened and waiting for all of you to visit!

In 20th year mark, we relocated our brewery from Izumi area to Uonuma no Sato. The brewery is located on the top of the hill where you can enjoy fresh brewed beer with panoramic view of Uonuma city.

Inside of the brewery, you can see beer making in action through glass window.

There are beer bar and bakery to serve delicious food items that make you crave even more beer!!

New Addition to Amasake Family!! Light Amasake!

Proudly introducing LIGHT AMASAKE.

It has light sweetness compare to original type. It uses the same production method as original Amasake and as nutritional. Light Amasake can easily drink straight and easy to take it on the go!! 

In this fall season, take this Light Amasake to your outdoor laisure! It give you energy that you need to have fun!


Tokyo American Club Hakkaisan Sake Dinner

We held a very special Hakkaisan Dinner at CHOP stake house in Tokyo American Club.

Hakkaisan Master Brewer, Mr. Nagumo, spoke the spirits of Hakkaisan and philosophy to anticipated club members.

We served a very special sake for these club member “Tokyo American Club 90th Year” along with second fermentation in bottle Clear Sparkling AWA, Kouwa Gura 45 Junmai Daiginjo, and Snow Aged Junmai Ginjo 3 years with delicious CHOP’s stake.

Food and Wine Classic Aspen 2018

This food and wine festival is one of the kinds!

Food and Wine magazine hosts Food and Wine Classic in beautiful Aspen downtown, it showcased over 180 of fine food, wine, liquor, and luxury items presented by producers/makers for three days; this year was June 15th to 17th. Over 4000 people came to visit and enjoy all the fine foods and drinks over three day weekend.

Many celebrity chefs came for special lectures, tasting session, and talk show though out the weekend , but there was no program related to Sake, so maybe we can host one tasting and lecture session next year?!?!  The TV show “TOP Chef” chefs served their special dishes, too.

We are able to introduce our sake to first time sake drinker to experienced ones. Very interesting to interact with all kinds of people with different sake knowledge and show how we care for our products.

The Food and Wine magazine hosts’ similar festival in few cities throughout the United States, but Aspen one is its flagship. The ticket price was around $1500!! I personally though it is very expensive, but it maybe not… because I never saw Aspen airport so crowed with private jet!!

We hope to see you all out there again next year!!