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Bit by a Fox Podcast – Sake with Timothy Sullivan

“Sake may be known as a Japanese rice wine but the process of making the stuff is closer to beer making, and it may be one of the most versatile drinks to have with food. Tim Sullivan, this week’s guest, is an unlikely expert and educator of sake, but after devoting the last decade to sake, and learning the craft of sake brewing in Japan, Tim is now one of the top sake experts in the US, a national sake educator, and a Global Brand Ambassador of Hakkaisan Sake Brewery based in Niigata, Japan.”

Its a good audio to enjoy in the late summer breez with Clear Sparkling Sake AWA with nice plate of Charcutrie.


SXSW 2020 Vote for TIM!!

Hello Hakkaisan and Sale Lovers,
Our brand ambassador Timothy Sullivan was given a chance to host the conference at SXSW 2020!!
He will be lecturing the amazing world of Sake and Hakkaisan! So exciting!
For him to do so, we need your votes.

Please take a moment to jump to the link below and vote for TIM!

Thank you so much for your love and support!