Amasake Made from Koji


Hakkaisan’s amasake has no added sugar; its naturally sweet flavor is created from the conversion of starch into sugar by the koji rice. Highly polished rice is used to make amasake koji and it creates a pure, mellow and elegant flavor. Historically, amasake has been a summer remedy for fatigue since it is rich in nutrients. Enjoy it warm or chilled.

ingredients koji rice

Lactic Acid Amasake

lactic acid amasake

This Amasake has a refreshing taste and a concentration of over 10 billion active lactic acid bacteria. Our high quality Koji Amasake is further fermented with a plant-based lactic acid. This creates a refreshing taste with a light acidity that is easy to drink every day. Store and serve chilled.

ingredients Koji Rice, Lactic Acid