Sake Shinnenkai 2012 at Kasadela

On February 6, 2012, by Kumiko Kurosawa

On January 21st we celebrated a new year’s party called “Sake Shinnenkai 2012” at our favorite Izakaya, Kasadela.

Ms Chizuko Niikawa, the CEO of Sake Discoveries worked to organized this great party. She arranged for several brewery’s sake to be served at the party. Thank you, Chiz!


Hakkaisan joined the party and I served our Junmai Ginjo and our “Echigo de Soro” which is a shiboritate nama genshu, which I hand-carried from Japan. Echigo de Soro is our seasonal nama genshu which is available each year only from October until March. It tastes very fruity, fragrant, but the finish is very dry.

The party was for 40 guests only and the tickets sold out quickly. This is understandable as the tickets cost only $40 for sake and food!!

Kasadela’s signature dish is Nagoya-style chicken wing called Tebasaki. It is quite delicious and pairs really well with a dry sake. I believe that their Tebasaki is the best chicken wing in NYC.

Guest enjoyed various kinds of sake and tasty izakaya dishes. And also, Mr. Kurosu of Tatenokawa Brewery joined the party and served their sake.

It was a great starting party to kick off 2012, the year of Dragon!


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