Hakkaisan Interview Series:
Michiko Fujimoto

On March 12, 2012, by Timothy Sullivan

Next in our series of interviews with Hakkaisan workers is Ms. Michiko Fujimoto. Michiko-san is on staff at the Hakkaisan Tokyo Office. She works on Sake seminars and has some special advice about sake temperature!

Q: How long have you worked with Hakkaisan?
Ms. Fujimoto: I’m on my third year working at Hakkaisan.

Michiko Fujimoto

Q: What is your job here at Hakkaisan?
Ms. Fujimoto: I belong to the product development department and the sales development. I also help organize sake seminars and consumer sake events that are lead by Hakkaisan’s President.

Q: What is your favorite Hakkaisan Sake?
Ms. Fujimoto: Honjozo! I think that, in regards to temperature, Hakkaisan Honjozo is really flexible.

Q: What foods do you pair with Hakkaisan Sake?
Ms. Fujimoto: I like to match my sake temperature and food temperature. When I eat a cold dish, I like to enjoy chilled sake. When I eat a warm dish, I enjoy warmed sake. For example, I enjoy pike sashimi with chilled Hakkaisan Honjozo and there is nothing like warm oden style foods with warmed Hakkaisan Honjozo.

Q: Do you have any message for American consumers of Hakkaisan Sake?
Ms. Fujimoto: I would like them to understand how flexible Hakkaisan is. You can really enjoy it at different temperatures, so I encourage everyone to experiement with temperature and have fun!

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