Hakkaisan Holiday Party at Sakagura

On January 2, 2011, by Kumiko Kurosawa

Enjoying Hakkaisan's Holiday Party!

We recently celebrated a wonderful holiday party at New York’s famous Sakagura Restaurant. This evening was a fun celebration of our sakes including a rare Hakkaisan Nama Genshu sake that is not available for sale in the USA and was especially hand carried over from Japan for our guests. We served a total of 23 bottles of Hakkaisan sake to our guests, showing the range of enjoyment our sake offers.

In addition to our special Hakkaisan Nama Genshu, we also served our popular Hakkaisan Ginjo, Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai and Hakkaisan Honjozo. Sakagura Restaurant served 5 dishes to pair with our delicious sake including an “omusubi” style rice ball made especially with Niigata Uonuma Koshihikari rice – the most expensive Japanese rice on the market!

As a holiday gift, each guest was presented with a special gift, a beautiful ceramic “Guinomi Kagami Mochi” sake cup hand-crafted for you by noted ceramic artist Misato Fukuoka. This cup is perfect to use to celebrate “Osho Gatsu” or Japanese New Year! Ms. Fukuoka herself was on hand at the event to debut her ceramic creations in New York!

This party was a wonderful way to introduce our sakes to our friends in New York City for the holidays! Happy Holidays to one and all! Also, special thanks to all restaurants that participated in our monthly Hakkaisan Restaurant week throughout this year!

Check out the gallery below for more photos of our Hakkaisan Holiday event at Sakagura!


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